Important Update - 06/08/21

Unfortunately, due to the recent introduction on July 1st 2021 of IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) numbers in shipping to the EU, we have had to disable all international shipping. To briefly explain:

  • The rules changed so that items under 22 euros in value are no longer exempt from VAT, which means a customer in the destination country has to pay their local VAT rate as an import charge. This obviously leads to delays, returns, customer complaints. The IOSS number circumvents this, and takes the payment from the exporter, not the customer. Problem is, we don't have one. Until we get one or the rules change again, we effectively ship to the EU at our own peril.

We will continue shipping internationally on eBay - seller name old-timer40. As a third-party marketplace, they have their own IOSS number, which means it's a non-issue there. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.


Jeremy, Sue and Chris