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Ah, coat hooks; such a small part of any room, but just as varied as any other. Big, small, sharp, smooth, utilitarian or extravagant, one or many-hooked - we've got the choice, so why not get creative? Better yet if you're looking to kick off a more old-timey, rustic aesthetic, and for those trying to achieve an older-than-old look (who isn't?), we've got specially rusted hooks perfect for your bold recreation of a 19th-century townhouse.

All of our antique iron and rust finish hooks are cast, then either tumbled or left to rust naturally to give them their antique look. The antique iron coat hooks are raw metal and will age nicely over time. The rust finish looks great if waxed and polished with beeswax.

Some products may need wiping/buffing with a cloth to remove protective coating.


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