Holiday Update (02/07/20)

As happy as we are to have been able to keep working during this troubled period, we have missed our holidays. We have not had a day off since late last year, so we will be taking some time off soon. From Friday July 10th to the morning of Monday July 20th, we will be closed and not taking orders. On July 20th, we will resume normal function. We are sorry for any inconvenience this break may cause you.

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Popular Categories

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Bottle Openers

Finely crafted cast iron bottle openers perfect for adding a rustic touch wherever they may be placed. Available with a wide range of inscriptions and in two styles - one suitable for wall-mounting, and one for keyrings.

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Coat Hooks

Superb quality cast iron coat hooks in a range of styles catering to numerous tastes, from exquisite curves to utilitarian sharp edges and rustic plaques. Strong and sturdy, they are perfect for hanging your coats from.

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Cover Caps

Small plastic screw cover caps in a wide range of sizes, for 2.5mm all the way up to 12mm holes, designed for masking unsightly screw holes in a pleasant and conforming way. 

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An exhaustive selection of high-craftsmanship ironmongery great for giving a more classic, understated look to one's cabinets. There's lots of styles, shapes, tones, sizes and, where possible, inscriptions to choose from.

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Shelf Stud Supports

A grand selection of small shelf supports in a range of unique shapes, sizes and types, designed for a various situations. From concealable little corner studs to slotted strip supports and ring banjos.

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Wood Legs and Feet

Our longest-sold and most prized products, these will add oodles of character wherever they go. Carefully turned to bring out a colourful variety of shapes, they are suitably strong and available in beech, oak and pine (dependent on the product)

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